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China Institute Next Gen x Serica (CINGS)

The China Institute Next Gen x Serica (CINGS) is a trusted platform for young American and Chinese philanthropic leaders and social innovators to contribute towards social impact endeavors, with the goal of driving positive change through collaboration in both the U.S. and China. CINGS connects young American and Chinese leaders with a passion for philanthropy and social innovation through initiatives, forums, and events, with the goal of educational exchange and action-oriented collaboration on important social issues that lead to tangible results.

At a critical time for U.S.-China relations, significant cross-cultural dialogue and activity around tackling common challenges are more important than ever. CINGS is the only bicultural and action-based platform to connect young American and Chinese leaders who share a common passion for philanthropy with social innovators. It provides an important cross-cultural bridge and a new way to boost the impact of young social innovators and philanthropists by bringing together a diversity of skills, resources, and perspectives from their respective industries and backgrounds, and creates meaningful ties between thought leaders in both countries.

For more information on members, events, and how to apply for the annual Giving Circle, please visit CINGS on China Institute or LinkedIn.

Past Programs

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