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Serica carries out its mission through three strategic priorities:

(1) To educate and cultivate empathy around the issues of Sinophobia and anti-Asian hate;

(2) To amplify the impact of Next Gen U.S.-China philanthropy and social innovation; and

(3) To catalyze the business and social sectors to collaborate on some of the most pressing issues shaping China’s relationship with the world, including sustainability, climate finance, and ESG. 


During a period of unprecedented anti-Asian hate, using empathy and storytelling to underscore the interconnectedness between communities to promote greater allyship and coalition building with greater sensitivity, tolerance, and insight is not only timely, but urgent.

The NGLC connects emerging American and Chinese leaders with a passion for philanthropy and social innovation, with the goal of educational exchange; action-oriented collaboration on important social issues that lead to tangible results; and effective bridge-building between the U.S. and China. 

Doing Well x Doing Good examines the intersection of business and social impact in the U.S.-China space. It explores what it means to “do well” (whether personally or professionally) and to “do good” (make a positive social impact in the larger world around us) in our work.

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